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Liquid Jars...
The ultimate Jars Of Clay experience!

Jars of Clay is an inspirational, sensational band... who have saved lives through their music. By sharing the word of God through their very gifted talents, Jars of Clay have over exceeded the limit of giving back to the fans... Now it's our turn to give back to them.

Jars of Clay originated at Greenville College in Illinois... they were small and not many had heard of them. But now, they are publicly known all over the world, and giving back to several orginizations... such as the AIDS foundation in Africa. They have been living a righteous path for God from the beginning and are sharing God's love with the world!


Jars of Clay are:

Dan Haseltine

From: Winter Springs, FL

Matt Odmark
Acoustic guitar, vocals

From: Rochester, NY

Charlie Lowell
Keyboards, Accordians, Vocals

From: Rochester, NY

Steve Mason
Electric guitars of all kinds, vocals

From: Decatur, IL

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